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Our Practice

In collaboration with the communities we work with, we build safety infrastructures by weaving together proactive and responsive practices.



Safety Training

We engage Detroiters with tools and trainings in proven safety methods.


Restorative Processes

We use responsive measures that allow those who have harmed, and those who have been harmed to work through conflict together through our restorative circle practices.

Community Building

We transform communities by moving to a non-punitive safety response that changes our relationship with harm, abuse, and conflict to one that allows for healing and refuses violence.

Gradient Pricing Model

Detroit Safety Team uses a Gradient Pricing Model.  Combining existing ideals from Gift Economics and Sliding Scale models, we offer various tiers of pricing based upon a client’s capacity to pay.  Cost should never be a barrier to entry.

Request A Service

If you are interested in requesting any of our services, please complete the Service Request Form below and allow up to 48 hours for a response. For any other inquiries, feel free to reach us at

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