What is the Detroit Safety Team?

The Detroit Safety Team (DST) is a Detroit-based group of trained individuals that seeks to shift the culture of safety in the city by cultivating the skills of Detroiters, and deepening our collective ownership of our community’s safety.


Our goal is to move away from our reliance on police and the state through neighborhood-focused fellowship programs.  

Our Commitment 


The Detroit Safety Team works to redefine safety, engage conflict, and create intentional structures of social practice that support community centered healing.


The Detroit Safety Team supports Detroiters in their ability to navigate conflict, harm, and abuse via non-punitive practices; shifting the collective understanding of accountability and personal responsibility. To transform harm, we deepen our interconnectedness and develop a cultural shift in ownership over our safety and the safety of our community. 


John Sloan III | he/him

Director, Operations & Administration

Rasha Almulaiki | she/her

Director, Communications & Public Engagement

Curtis Renee | she/her

Director, Membership & Curriculum Development