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What is the Detroit Safety Team?

The Detroit Safety Team (DST) assists communities in building a new safety infrastructure that shifts away from police reliance.




The Detroit Safety Team works to redefine safety, engage conflict, and create intentional structures of social practice that support community centered healing.

Our Vision

We envision a world without police and prisons. One where communities are self reliant—where it is understood that we have the capacity to rely on ourselves and our community to stay safe and handle harm productively.

We envision a future where communities are sustainably self-sufficient, and safety is a social skill, not a punitive system of control.



Curtis Renee | they/them

Director, Membership & Curriculum Development


John Sloan III | he/him

Director, Operations & Administration

Our Advisory Board

Peter Hammer (he/him), J.D., PhD, Director, Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights; Professor of Law, Wayne State University Law School


Lance Hicks (he/him), LMSW, The Radical Well-Being Center


Belinda Dulin (she/her)


PG Watkins (they/them)

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