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AMC 2020 Virtual Safety Support!

Detroit's annual Allied Media Conference 2020 will be hosted virtually on July 23-26, 2020.


Community safety at the AMC 2020 is stewarded by the Detroit Safety Team (DST). The goal of the Safety Team is to practice transformative justice and to support the emotional health and well-being of the conference participants.


What To Expect:

1. Although DST members will not be present in sessions, we will be available to assist when requested.


2. DST has provided conference facilitators with safety and de-escalation toolkit, enabling them to assist in managing potentially difficult situations.

3. To better understand the capacity of the container we are holding to assist you, please read through some of our Do's & Don'ts:



  • Provide resources or assistance for individuals that need to ground or center themselves

  • Hold space for individuals to to talk if they are in emotional distress due to AMC content

  • Assist in de-escalating an individual in distress due to AMC content 

  • Use affirmative open-ended questions, assisting individuals in processing harm or conflict


  • Mediate conflicts between individuals stemming from issues that predate the conference 

  • Mediate conflicts between individuals that extend beyond the scope of the conference 

  • Assist with medical concerns or offer medical advice

  • Provide suicide prevention/intervention services 





















Meditation Resources


       We’ve assembled a list of resources to assist you with emotional triggering and


  • Breathe & Re-Center w/ ​Recorded Meditations

                         Led by Brialle Ringer, Yoga Instructor, Chakra Educator, Plant Nutritionist (More)



  • Grounding Exercises 
    • Pod Mapping: How To (video)

​​​                  Led by Corina McCarthy- Fadel



Escalating Behavior Infographic.png

  Feeling uneasy? You're the expert      on how you feel. Take a moment

  to assess yourself:

Check in with yourself!


FINAL_DST temp Logo (1).png




Need to Talk?

If you or someone you know experiences a situation of harm or abuse, is trying to negotiate sharing space, or is going through a rough time and needs some support, please reach out and one of our trained support staff will be happy to help.


The Safety Team is on call for these hours of the AMC weekend:


  • Thursday, July 23rd: 3:30pm-8:00pm ET

  • Friday, July 24th: 2:30pm-8:30pm ET

  • Saturday, July 25th: 2:30pm – 8:30pm ET

  • Sunday, July 26th: 2:00pm-8:00pm ET



Contact Us:

A secure Safety Team chat line marked "AMC 2020 Safety Support" is located on the bottom-right of the page. We are here to hold space for safety-support inquiries & incidents.


 Outside of the above on-call hours, please email us at and we will respond to messages in the order they are received.


Thank you!

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